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Haystax Mortgage first time home buyers. Got the perfect mortgage for their dream home by usiung a Haystax Mortgage Professional from the BEST mortgage brokerage franchise organization in Canada.
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Haystax Invesment Services


If you are looking at building a property investment portfolio Haystax is here to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Having a clear analysis of the portfolio, and how you structure the business that you build will make a significant difference in the profitability of the portfolio.

A well thought out buisness plan and organizational structure is the most important part of any successful entrepeneur looking at building a property investment enterprise.

Small Business

No different than building and establishing a strong property portfolio, if you are looking at launching your own small business having a strong plan is key.

How your business is modelled, the financial structure, and more has a direct impact on your start-up company. This includes your ability to find venture capital and/or secure financing.

Haystax works with Investment and Small Business consultants to help you build a strong and sustainable business that attracts investors to you from concept, to launch, to expansion.


Haystax has partnered with several organizations to deliver fullsome advice that can propel your business forward. Here are just a few of our talented, and valued, partners in Canada and the USA that work with Haystax for investment services.

Get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada!

The Medici Family Office works with high net worth individuals from acorss the globe that are seeking investment opportunities in property, start-ups, developements, financial markets, and more.

If you are looking at creating generational wealth, the Medici Family Office is here to assist!

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