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Mortgage Advisor helping a Canadian get the lowest mortgage rates in Canada

The Services We Provide

Our Service Pledge

Haystax members will always treat our clients with dignity, respect, and empathy.


We will always provide ethical advice that is based on the best interest of our customers and look beyond the immediate transaction.

Hand holding a mortgage pre-approval certificate


Get your mortgage pre-approved and secure a rate hold for up to 120 days so you can rest easy while you find the perfect home.

Hand holding a bag of money that represents a buyer getting a mortgage to buy purchase a home


If you have already found your perfect home and are ready to proceed, Haystax has many mortgage options for you.

Image of a hand stacking money they accessed through the equity in their home


Do you need to access the equity in your home? Be it for a consolidation, investment, or even vacation. We can help!

Hand holding briefcase to represent small business and commercial mortgages


Whether you need a commercial mortgage or want to access the equity in your home, Haystax has the perfect solutions.

Hand holding a lightbulb to present an investor who owns rental properties.


When buying an investment property there are many important factors to consider such as rate, payment schedule, amortization, capitalization rate, and more.

An abacus used to calculate needed retirement funds and accessing equity in home to obtain the funds


For many, the equity in the home is a pivotal part of retirement. You have many options on how to leverage the equity in your home for retirement.

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