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The Haystax model is designed to reduce branding costs by as much as 85% for brokerages when compared to all other brands!

Want to see how much YOU could save by making the switch to Haystax? Here is an easy to use tool to help you see how much you can save!

Most brokerages will save around 60%, but the thing is... the more volume you do the more you save. A 300Million dollar brokerage could see savings as high as 87%!

Most importantly...
We work for

The Haystax Mortgage model is designed to give franchisees a greater say in the direction of the brand via marketing, technology, industry representation, and more. With the industry's first and only Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) Haystax has been created from the beginning to better represent franchisees and their agents. 

Great service and support doesn't have to be expensive.

Being a franchisee in 2023 needs to be different than what it was in the 1990's and early 2000's because the world is a very different place. Technology is advancing so quickly that brands are investing a fortune in technology. That means that franchisees are pushed to use that technology, and even penalized for not doing it. 

The thing is, why are mortgage brokers trying to be technology wizards too? There are a LOT of excellent third party technology providers that cost little to nothing, are very advanced, and are built by companies who specialise in building this technology. Let them stay on the racetrack trying to keep up with an ever faster changing world, and let them provide us with the technology we need to do our best jobs for our customers.

That is why Haystax is focused on areas we hear are the most commonly sought after by agents and brokers across Canada - Training and Support. We understand that compensation and lender access is important too, but you need customers first, and doesn't that fall under support anyway? Also, how is that something you have to pay for? Isn't it all based on YOUR volumes? Why does the brand get to make more money, and get paid "bonuses" and sponsorship dollars off of your hard work. Get events and that? Are they free, or do you have to pay to attend and how much money do they pull in from sponsorships? 

Ok, so events are profit centres, but then if you have to pay for the training, and you are forced to use technology or get penalised, you pay marketing dollars but have little to no say in how the money is spent, and you are paying more and more royalty every year - but not getting more service. Doesn't that seem just a little bit... odd?

What about business planning, coaching, mentoring, and even a range of training for agents, administrators and even managers? What about that same support for your referral partners? Technology is great and valuable, but why are you being asked to pay so much for everything when you really don't use most of it because it's dated, or irrelevant? When there is new and exciting training, why do you always have to pay for it? 

Brand recognition? That is important too, but shouldn't you have more control over that marketing than you have today? Why are so many brokerages in Canada paying tens of thousands of dollars for business coaching, planning, and development services? Shouldn't that be the biggest responsibility of your franchisor? They can't run your business for you, and they are not there to tell you what to do (or do it for you), but aren't they supposed to be the experts? Afterall, you did invest in a franchise and you are paying a pretty hefty royalty and suite of fees. 

You focus on your business, working ON it, and let us take care of the things that agents demand the most. Support and training so they too can flourish. The best part? It is remarkably affordable.


If you peel way the layers and focus on meaningful support where it counts, there is really no reason why royalty and fees should be as high as they are, in our opinion. SO we did something about it and created a wholly new model that focuses on Training and Support.

The Haystax model is designed to reduce branding costs by as much as 85% for brokerages when compared to all other brands! We are so confident we even have this CALCULATOR you can use to test us on it.


Most will tell you that this reduced cost will result in less service, but nothing could be further from the truth. Haystax provides ALL network members, FREE of charge, all of the following weekly classes (and we invite your referral sources to join us):

Every Monday: 52 week Sales Training and Mentoring.
Every Tuesday: Leadership and Management training.
Every Wednesday: Deal support and case study review training.
Every Thursday: Support Services (Admin, Compliance, Audit) training.

That doesn't mean we don't have amazing technology either. Our system is a fully integrated Deal Management System with direct to lender submission. In addition it has a built in full service CRM that includes telecommunications and SMS, and can be fully automated. Need a system that can pull in leads and manage them in the same system with built in Lead Generation and Management? Done. Have a hot lead that is turning into a deal? Push it directly into an application at the touch of a button and start working the deal, without missing a beat.

How about having your payroll directly integrated and is set up for direct deposit (and debit) at the touch of a button, and attached to compliance and pre-programmed splits, on each and every deal. Need to split between 2, 3, or more people? Yeah, we can do that too. Issue T4A's, deal statements, reporting, and push to your favourite accounting software? Done. Want to give your booker keeper access, but no access to deals? OK!

The point is, if you are paying as much as you are today shouldn't you be getting all of the above... and more? Shouldn't you have the opportunity to have more control over how the brand represents you? What about a say in changes that affect your business? Yes you "bought" a franchise, but you really made an investment in your future, didn't you?

The Rise of Haystax

Haystax was founded in 2017 to deliver a new experience to Canadians seeking mortgage financing. In 2019 we launched an innovative new model to empower franchise owners to exercise greater control over their business, and destiny. The only brand that operates with a Franchisee owned and operated Franchise Advisory Council achieves two major objectives:

1) Focus on continued growth through the support and development of franchisees in accordance with their specific needs and territory by giving all franchisees a powerful voice in how we grow our brand.

2) Provide Franchisees with unfettered opportunity to grow and establish a meaningful legacy business that has tangible value.

The leadership at Haystax has been a part of the mortgage industry for over 30 years (Combined experience of 72 years) and in that time has played an influential role in the housing and mortgage industry in Canada. We leverage this experience and connection to assist in promoting the value of mortgage professionals and how we empower Canadians to make informed choices through our network of mortgage professionals.

Joining Haystax

If you want to earn more, Haystax Mortgage is the place to be!

Here at Haystax we want to welcome as many new members to the team as possible, but we also want to make sure that we are a good fit! So who is our ideal franchisee? It is actually fairly simple.

1) Be an INNOVATOR. 

A Haystax franchisee understands that innovation is about much more than just the latest technology. It is about how we treat our people, customers, partners, and how we are represented by our brand. 


Sure, today Haystax is relatively small, but everyone has to start from somewhere! Can you see beyond just today and envision a future where you dominate your marketplace? We do!


Success does not happen by accident, even with a franchise organization. Your commitment to success is key.


If the thought of growing a large, highly profitable brokerage that dominates a marketplace appeals to you, Haystax is the opportunity you have been looking for!

5) Be Diligent.

This is about more than just staying focused, it is about diligently making sure that our people always do the right thing by our customers, partners, and each other.

Joining Haystax

1) Franchise Application

A clean and straightforward document that gives you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, and your vision.

2) Disclosure Process.

An in depth look at what Haystax has to offer and how our innovative franchise solution and brand empowers you to do more.

3) Market Review & Planning.

Before you sign on the dotted line we want to make sure that you are fully aware of the market conditions in your area and have plans in place to succeed.

4) Contract Signing.

You have reviewed everything, negotiations are complete, your lawyer has given the thumbs up, and we move forward with the agreement signing.

5) Formal Planning.

We want you to succeed! That is why we spend time with each and every franchisee reviewing market conditions, and planning on how to grow and become a dominant player in the mortgage origination space.

5) Opening.

When you are ready it is time to open your franchise! Haystax allocates up to 15% of your franchise fee specifically to build out your opening launch - including marketing.

Haystax is Canada's premier mortgage brand. When you are with Haystax the sky is the limit!

Franchisee Support

Haystax is Canada's premier franchised mortgage company.

Yes, you are independently owned and operated as a Haystax franchisee, but that doesn't mean you should not get the support or services you need to be successful.

While others might leave you on your own when it comes to planning, recruiting, training, and other areas by only providing basic training and services, at Haystax we are taking a different approach. We want to spend more time listening to your challenges, and working with you to overcome them. That is why we offer regular business planning and review sessions, participate in active lead generation, and provide real time deal support to name just a few of the daily support services that a Haystax franchisee receives.

Haystax is Caanda's premier morgtage provider.
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