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The path to the story of Haystax Mortgage with the lowest rates in Canada

About Haystax Mortgage

Our Advisors

Our Agents are highly trained, skilled, and understand that getting a mortgage is stressful. You can always count on a Haystax Advisor to give you Ethical Advice, source the lowest possible rate, and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Our History

Haystax Mortgage was founded in 2017 with a desire to impart meaningful change for Canadians who need mortgage financing. A small start up company taking on the old guard of goliaths to help our clients with better advice, service, and rates.

Our Model

We set out to create a new business model that supported franchisees like never before, and we are proud to be launched. With protected territories, group benefits, and the only retirement solution for Mortgage Agents in the country, Haystax is bringing meaningful change to the lives of our franchisees and mortgage agents.

Our Goals

We don't want to be the biggest in Canada, we want to go global! Sure, today we might be a small upstart company, but we are only limited by our dreams! At Haystax we all have big dreams, for our customers, our agents, franchisees, and everyone else that plays a role in our success. Our goal is simple, to help as many Canadians as we possibly can achieve their financial dreams. Be it through obtaining a mortgage, or by being a fellow Haystax'er, we want you to succeed and flourish, then we will know we have succeeded too.

Our Brand

A company is defined by its branding, and we took that seriously when thinking about the kind of business we wanted to build. One that was vibrant, engaged, and represented the best in all of us. The "Cross Hatch" that is our logo is a multifaceted representation of a stack of hay, a skyline, the roofline of homes, and finally it creatively spells out Haystax!

The Haystax Mortgage logo
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