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Should you buy today, or wait?

In today's world owning a home can sometimes seem a far, distant, dream that is only attainable by those that have excess capital and income to spend.

As the cost of living continues to increase, more and more middle class Canadians seem to be priced out of what was once a standard for many. Owning the home we live in.

Governments across all levels are moving to make significant changes to permitting, zoning laws, and more in an effort to combat the significant housing shortage faced by Canadians today. Many of these measures will take time to create a tangible impact, but with predicted decreases in interest rates, measures should start to realize some needed building.

So how then do you answer the question of waiting, or trying to get into the market now? Here is an interesting article from the Times Colonist that attempts to address that very question:

Here at Haystax we want all Canadians to have the ability to achieve home ownership. It not only benefits us as individuals, it also benefits our nation. A strong, vibrant, middle class is critically important to how we function as a democracy and one of the greatest indicators of that is upward mobility. Home ownership is a fundamental component of a healthy middle class as it creates stability in housing, finance, and results in higher literacy, lower crime, and a longer life!

While we may not be able gift you a home we can help you plan and prepare. Haystax can help you discover all of your options, as well as provide advice based on your unique personal, financial, and credit circumstances. We will work hard to give you ethical advice that demonstrates what your best options are, and how you can achieve your short, and long, term goals.

There is a lot of change happening in the world, and with mortgages and rates in almost constant flux, having someone on your side matters. That is what we are here for, to look out for what is best for you and your family.

Haystax is here for you, no matter what your personal circumstance might be.

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