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Franchise Opportunities Canada


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Exclusive Franchise Territories Available

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A Haystax Franchisee is independently owned and operated, but enjoys the benefits of the entire Haystax Business System.


Being a Haystax Mortgage Franchisee means you can see beyond today and have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. It means not just being satisfied with the status quo that exists in the industry today and seeing the possibilities that a protected territory can bring to you.

A Haystax Franchisee wants to create legacy and market dominance through strategic marketing, lead generation, and fostering the most highly skilled team of mortgage professionals in the country.

A Haystax Franchisee wants to have a bigger, stronger, voice in the the direction of the brand including tools developed for franchisee use, including technology and process, via the industry's only Franchise Advisory Council.

A Haystax Franchisee understands the importance of business planning to better align the business with the needs of their specific markeplace.

A Haystax Franchisee wants more independence, but still have the power of a unified voice with associations, lenders, and regulators across the country.

A Haystax Franchisee is an early adaptor that recognizes the unfettered opportunity that is being introduced to a select number of franchisees across Canada.

About the Company

Haystax is Canada's most innovative new brand. With a focus on service, growth, and success we provide industry leading programs and support. Haystax is the only brand in Canada to offer an affordable group benefits program, retirement solution, and actively drives leads to franchisees for advisors.

A Haystax Franchisee is a part of a growing brand and new way of looking at how the mortgage business in Canada operates. Not being in competition with other offices of the same brand a stones throw away, a Haystax franchisee has the enviable position of being able to create brand dominance through Canada's only franchise system that actively protects a franchisees territory.

All Haystax Franchisees and their teams have access to programs like group benefits, a retirement solution, deal management technology with built in CRM, inegrated compliance and payroll, advanced training, and more. This gives franchisees an advantage when attracting top talent, and improves retention of team members allowing for more sustainable growth. It also means that each franchisee receives a greater level of support and service from HQ that is focused on business development and growth.

The Haystax EXIT Retirement Solution also gives you comfort knowing that your hard work and success will result in a more comfortable "golden years" as you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Want to build a business that allows you to dominate the marketplace without fear of competition from same-branded franchisees? Want to have the opportunity to open branch locations without jumping through a bunch of hoops? Want to have the ability to bring in additional ownership of branch locations as a retention tool for your top agents?

If you are looking for a business with a model that not only supports your goals, but actively works to help you achieve them, Haystax is your only true alternative to more traditional models.

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