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Mortgages are complicated ... getting one shouldn't be.

We’re Different … and Proud of It!

Haystax offers a simple approach to a complicated process. We do it online, with an impartial and transparent process. No more bank appointments, broker meetings or lengthy waits, our technology does the work for you. Get qualified for a mortgage from the comfort of... anywhere, anytime! 

We’re redefining how Canadians access home financing

We match your mortgage needs with lender guidelines for automatic pre-approval. Get a new mortgage, renew an existing one or choose a refinancing option and connect direct to lenders! The power of choice is where it belongs … with you! 

Haystax Mortgages
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    Fast, Easy, Convenient

    An online connection, a quick chat with a few easy questions and your unique profile is created.

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    Powered by Smart Intelligence

    We verify your details, refine your choices, and offer you recommended lenders.

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    Compare, Choose and Share

    Compare the results, choose the lender, and share with your Realtor® for closing.

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We’ve streamlined the process

Our cutting-edge technology weaves data analytics and machine learning to search 1000’s of mortgage products and match you with three pre-approved lender choices. Exploring options from 70+ lenders, including some of Canada’s major banks and private lenders, we locate the lowest rates and best terms for your mortgage needs. Choose the lender and start house hunting! It's That Easy!

Mortgage Purchase
Each home owner is unique and not all mortgages are the same. Haystax leverages our AI innovation to give you significant negotiating power and make sure the long-term savings are in your pocket. [learn more]

Mortgage Renewals 
We take the stress out of renewals by having multiple lenders compete for your business to ensure you always get the best deal. [learn more]

Mortgage Refinance
Convert your home equity into cash when you need it, or pay off high interest debts and be mortgage-free faster! Get pre-approved fast with Haystax! [learn more]

Over 70+ Trusted Lenders!

  • Alterna Savings Credit Union
  • ATB Financial
  • B2B Bank
  • Bridgewater Bank
  • Canadiana Financial
  • CHIP Home Income Plan
  • CMLS Financial
  • Coast Capital Credit Union
  • Equitable Trust
  • First Ontario Credit Union
  • First National
  • Hometrust
  • ICICI Bank
  • Industrial Alliance
  • MCAP
  • Manulife
  • Meridian Credit Union
  • Merix
  • Optimum Mortgage
  • Prospera Credit Union
  • RMG Mortgages
  • Scotia Bank
  • Street Capital
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Valley First Credit Union
  • Vancity Savings Credit Union
  • Wealthline
  • Westminster Credit Union
  • Xceed
Millenial Home Buyers

Canadians are Committed to Homeownership

Over 50% of millennials in Canada are owning homes at a younger age than their parents.
(Source: TD Economics)

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“You guys make such a complicated process incredibly efficient. I wasted so much time on my last mortgage. This is awesome.”

Frank Thompson - Vancouver, BC.

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