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An Insider’s View - Haystax is Founded with Purpose

February 26, 2019 | Posted by: Haystax Mortgage

I have insider perspective on this company to share, as I started work at Haystax recently. I’m figuring out the culture here, and it’s completely different than other places I have worked. I knew something crazy was going on, when a drag queen wearing a cotton-candy pink wig, glittery eye make-up, and a bright flowing gown, glamoured her way through the door and into our office! Our CEO jumped up and proceeded to introduce her to our team as the company’s new brand ambassador! He announced that we’d be the first financial company ever to have a drag queen visibly representing our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality. I was blown away.

I had found myself working at a company that was founded on purpose and people, not just profit. Haystax wants to do things a bit differently and the founder believes in doing things right. We’re using a drag queen in our marketing but it’s not gratuitous, it’s authentic and that’s refreshing. We stand behind our principles so firmly, that for every mortgage, Haystax will donate $100 to the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (https://ccdi.ca)! That is a pretty unique way to build the foundations of a company and the culture within.

Most of us now bank, shop and live online, so it makes sense to get pre-approved for a mortgage online too. But why not work with a company that has a purpose, and one that matters. I mean, who can’t get behind diversity and inclusion. That’s something that matters to me. The choices I make are sometimes based on the companies that support that mandate for equality too. Working with a company like Haystax, I know their commitment to social change is real and they are genuine in their purpose. It’s not just about the shiny drag queen in pretty pictures, it’s about changing social injustice, giving back and standing up for something.

Our focus, of course, is to sell mortgages for new homes, or help people renew their loans or refinance if they want to renovate or free up some funds. But our thinking is a little different, we want to be philanthropic leaders, cultural disruptors and industry challengers. Our drag queen is more than a token, it’s a reminder of the acceptance we all deserve. Every time someone gets a mortgage with us, we can support the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and donate in your name. Haystax is most definitely a purposeful and impactful company. Yah, I think I’m going to like working here.


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